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Helpful Hints – Pets and Your Lease

Pets are always a popular option with college students. The Cities of Bryan and College Station also have regulations to follow. The information below is from the Brazos Valley Animal Shelter. You can call them at (979) 775-5755 or find them online at or stop by 2207 Finfeather Rd in Bryan.

Animal Ordinances
Animal Control Officers are trained professionals that enforce these ordinances in both cities. There purpose is to protect the animals and people of our community. Their main concern is the health and safety of the animals and realize the best place for strays is in the shelter.

Key Ordinances

  • County tags and/or AVID microchips are required for cats or dogs to wear if over 3 months of age in Brazos County. These are available at the Brazos Valley Animal Shelter and veterinarian offices. Rabies vaccinations by a licensed veterinarian are also required.
  • A County license tag shall cover a period of one year from the date of rabies vaccination.
  • Having an animal “at large” is an offense in this area. An animal is “at large” if the dog is off the premises of the owner or custodian of the animal and not under physical restraint (City limits only).
  • Dogs barking or howling, making excessive noise is an offense.
  • If a dog enters your property, you may call the city to have it removed or impounded.
  • All fees such as impoundment, vaccination, county license fee) must be paid before an animal leaves the shelter.
  • If you have more than four pets, you are required to have a permit which can are available at the Shelter (City limits only).
  • Having any wild animals, especially dangerous animals, in the city limits is an offense, unless lawfully maintained.
  • Animal ordinances in Bryan/College Station should be observed as they are enforced by the courts and are subject to fines up to $200.

Brazos County Pet license
You are required to have your pet licensed in Brazos County

The rabies vaccination/license tag required by law will provide you with the following services:

  • 24 hour phone number for lost and found.
  • Extended impoundment on tagged pets.
  • Annual reminders for you to renew rabies vaccine and county tag
  • Pets wearing current Brazos County tags receive reduced impounded fees.

Everyone coming in contact with your pets will know that you are a owner who cares. Brazos Valley and your pets thank you for being a responsible pet owner.

Texas State Law
All dogs and cats over 3 months of age are required to have a yearly rabies vaccination given by a licensed veterinarian. The animal must wear the tag at all times. Rabies vaccination/license tag is available at your veterinarian.

What size pet should I have?
Many apartments have rules as to what size animals you can have. A house or duplex with a yard might fit your needs best if you plan to have a large animal.