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“Boxes are not just a job- they are my life.” -BoxBot

BoxBot is Bryan/College Station’s most affordable moving supplies company for college students. With every order, they provide a free next day, to your door delivery service. They also provide a series of packing tips on their blogs and entertaining stories through their box robot character, BoxBot.

Email: [email protected]

Responsible Partying

If you host or attend a party please remember to act responsibly. Here are some guidelines to follow.

Pets & Your Lease

Pets are always a popular option with college students. The Cities of Bryan and College Station also have regulations to follow.

Important Numbers

Here you can find a convenient list of emergency, Police department, various community and campus numbers.

Housing Options

The Bryan/College Station area provides many housing options. The main options are apartments, duplexes, houses, condos, townhomes.

Being a Good Neighbor

Texas A&M University and Bryan/College Station Authorities work together to keep the neighbor nice and safe.


Sharing living space with another person is an option for many off campus students. Some benefits to shared living include: dividing cost of living expenses, having someone to hang out with, shop with, study with, and spend your college days with.