5 Things to Do to Stay Busy At Home

//5 Things to Do to Stay Busy At Home
5 Things to Do to Stay Busy At Home 2020-05-21T16:10:08-05:00

As schools are closed, sporting events are canceled, and a number of restaurants and bars are shut down, it’s easy to find yourself bored and stir-crazy, sitting at home with seemingly nothing to do. Although it’s painful that we have to self-quarantine in order to protect ourselves from the coronavirus, the situation is out of our control, so we might as well make the best out of it!

Not only is Aggieland Apartment Finders dedicated to helping you find a place in Bryan or College Station, but we’re also committed to helping you make a home. In today’s post, we’ll be covering five unique ways to stay busy at home during quarantine!

Build Lego Sculptures

LEGO® sets are not just for kids. Now’s the time to get your creative juices flowing and start building LEGOs at home! We don’t just mean a 100-piece dollhouse that your three-year-old niece can finish in half an hour. We’re talking about expert-level, ages 16+ sets of cities, spaceships, cars, and more! If you’re feeling up to it, then ditch the manual!

For more creative agency, consider buying a bucket of LEGO bricks for you and your roommates. Every week, assign a theme that everyone must follow when building their sculptures. Some fun theme examples include theme parks, movie genres, desserts, and more! Post your creations to social media and ask your friends and followers to vote on which creation they liked the best. Losers have to buy the winner a drink!

Try Gardening

What makes this pandemic even harder is that the sun is finally starting to come out and shine, and we’re stuck inside at home! To get your daily dose of vitamin D, we highly recommend gardening! Your local plant nurseries are still open, so now may be the time to get up and order a few small potted plants to nurture and grow.

If you don’t have a backyard, then a balcony or small patio will do! If you’re feeling fancy, order a rail planter box (or build one yourself) and plant a row of succulents. If you don’t have the time or the resources, then a small outdoor table is all you need to place your small potted plants or herbs outside.

Buy a Dartboard

If you can’t go to the bar, then it’s time to bring the bar to you! The most common type of board is the bristle dartboard, the one you’d find at a pub. It’s also the board that requires you to get the sharp, steel-tip darts, and unless you’re confident in your aim, this will lead to hundreds of holes in the wall surrounding the board. When living in an apartment, it’s best to get an electronic dartboard (which uses soft-tip darts) or a magnetic dartboard (which uses a flat-end dart with small, circular magnets).

Hang up your dartboard in a shared living area, so you can shoot quick rounds or play a whole tournament with your roommates. If you live by yourself, then you may want to consider an electronic dartboard, which comes with pre-loaded game modes, so you can play for hours! By the time quarantine is over, you’ll get to show off your surprisingly accurate hand-eye coordination skills the next time you hit the pub.

Become a Mixologist

We asked the universe for a repeat of the roaring 20’s, and we got a pandemic, a recession, and bars shutting down — careful what you wish for, right? Despite the hard times, however, we still referred to the 1920’s as “roaring” and “golden.” Movies portrayed the 20’s as a fun time with flapper girls, parties, and lots of alcohol.

In typical 20’s fashion, let’s use this time to stay in high spirits! One of the perks of working from home is how quickly you can access the bar cart as soon as you logout of your computer. Rather than sticking with the same lazy rum-and-coke recipe, learn how to make new and unique craft cocktails! There are several online courses as well as an endless amount of YouTube videos on creating all kinds of drinks.

Splurge on some quality spirits and mixers that are essential to starting your bar, such as vodka, whiskey, rum, gin, tequila, and some bitters. As you get into more cocktail recipes, invest in a few liqueurs like amaretto, coffee liqueur, and orange liqueur. Before you know it, we’ll all be coming out of quarantine with months worth of bartending experience.

Create a Photo Album

All of our phones are more than capable of snapping and recording moments of our lives, and most phones carry a high enough storage capacity that you never have to worry about capturing the perfect moment. During this quarantine, invest in a Polaroid camera or in a few disposable cameras and snap away!

There’s something special about holding a photo in your hands. Buy a notebook, a scrapbook album, or a photo album, and compile all of your photos into one book. Don’t forget to document what inspired the photo, who was in the photo, or the date of when you took it! By logging your day-to-day scene during this quarantine, you can open this album years later and have a good laugh at all of the things you did to keep yourself busy at home.

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