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Helpful Hints – Being a Good Neighbor

Texas A&M University and Bryan/College Station Authorities work together to keep the neighbor nice and safe.

Know your neighbors

  • Introduce yourself to your neighbors
  • Say “Howdy” when you see them
  • Exchange phone numbers for emergency situations
  • Ask neighbors to pick up your mail when you are on vacation

Your neighbors will be the ones to call the police if the party is too loud.

  • Let your neighbor know in advance that you are having a party.
  • Give your neighbors your number so they can call if the party gets too loud.
  • Clean up any mess from your party as soon as possible.
  • Make sure that everyone present is over 21 if alcohol is served.

You’re too loud if you neighbors can hear from their properties.

  • Don’t leave barking dogs outside all day and night.
  • Monitor noise levels, including the volume of your stereo and TV, especially early in the morning and late at night.

Disorderly Conduct-Noise Violation
1st Offense: $350
2nd Offense: $425
3rd Offense: $545

  • After a third offense, it becomes a Class B Misdemeanor and will be handled in the County Court.
  • Noise citations are issued to every resident in the household.
  • You can be taken to jail for failure to comply with complaints after you have been warned.


  • Park your car facing the right direction (violation is $23 fine)
  • Park in appropriately marked spaces
  • Do not keep cars that don’t run sitting in your driveway
  • Do not park on the grass (violation is $75 fine)

Property Appearance

  • Mow your lawn regularly
  • Keep couched inside the house, not on the porch
  • Put away your trash can 12 hours after the garbage is collected
  • Do not overflow your garbage can
  • Gas grills must be 10 ft. away from property, but you may have a charcoal grill (apartments only). Be sure to check with your manager.

Crime Prevention
The most common crimes are vehicle burglary and theft. Follow these tips to keep safe.

  • Never leave keys in a vehicle
  • Always lock the doors when away from your vehicle, even for a short time.
  • Remove items of value from the vehicle when possible, or put in a place out of view.
  • Remove “pull-put” style stereos (if equipped)
  • Park in lighted areas
  • Park in garages or on driveways, or near your apartment so the vehicle can be viewed periodically
  • Register the vehicle in the Help End Auto Theft (H.E.A.T) Program with the College Station Police Department
  • Get a car alarm